How can I help an older child to stop sucking their thumb?

I have a ten year old who sucks her thumb. It is causing teeth and palet issues. We have tried alternative oral sensory activities but it is still a problem, especially at night. Any thought or ideas on helping her stop?

Hey, so sorry you and your daughter are dealing with this. My niece was actually also older and still sucking her thumb.

A few questions-does she only suck her thumb at night? If it’s still going on during the day, is she generally anxious? Does she get nervous easily? If so, could her thumb be helping her handle her emotions?

Also, have you tried a night thumb guard?

And lastly, which maybe should really be the first question-does she herself want to stop? Because from my niece’s experience, until she was really committed herself (and part of that came from social pressure, and partly from books my SIL read with her), all the tactics that were tried before didn’t work.