Hopping humming jumping excitement

Hi you guys I can’t seem to get a direct answer for this one! My little one is 3 and certain things like Lincoln logs and race tracks send him into little hyper active moments. They look a little unusual so we had him assessed. He didn’t get diagnosed with autism because he talks well and is super social. What is causing this? Thank you!

@mom2mz Hey!!! When you say hyper active moments, what exactly is he doing? Certain repetitive movements like hand flapping and jumping can often be a child’s way of self-regulating. Meaning, it may be just an outward sign of excitement and it doesn’t necessarily mean a child is on the Autism Spectrum. My daughter would do some body tensing when she was younger and now that she’s older, she told me that it would help her relax. Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:

Ok ya I guess his little knees and elbows get a little stiff too. His grandpa noticed. It looks like he’s doing a little dance around his toys. His arms get flappy too. And we say Myles hands down and he yells “hands up” and starts cracking up. If we remind him he’s doing it he will stop. He’s a very funny kid so we don’t know if we should stop him or let him continue?!

Yeah, I think I would let him. Especially since it doesn’t look like it’s getting in the way of his function. If the motor stereotypies were accompanied by other signs like delayed language, a motor or speech regression, or an avoidance of eye contact, then I think I’d be more concerned. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I agree with @tots-mary that I would probably allow this behavior myself. Putting on my mom hat for a second-perhaps you could also help him by giving him the language for what he might be feeling. So when he takes out the Lincoln Logs and becomes excitable, maybe you could say something like, “It looks like you are very excited to play with your Lincoln Logs, does your body feel very happy?” Maybe this will help him build awareness on how his body reacts to emotions as he matures.

I allowed him the last few days I said “ is your body excited?” He said yes. Then I asked him “what is that noise?” When he was humming. And he copied himself made them hum noise and said “it’s a truck!”.

Potentially he’s imagining doing something as he’s excited? Kids are confusing lol!

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Agreed! glad to hear he’s responding when you’re asking him these questions and helping both of you understand how his mind is working. :blush: