Homework - thoughts?

Ok, everyone, I’m a kindergarten teacher. Many of my colleagues are really into giving kindergarteners homework and I used to agree. But recently, I’ve read more and more articles (on facebook :see_no_evil:) that challenge the idea that homework is necessary. Are there any other teachers in this community and what are your opinions on this topic? Thanks!

I am a first grade teacher. I do not give homework. Well at least not traditional homework and nothing I grade. This goes against my entire grade level, but I am passionate about it. I send home with progress report comprehension questions for both fiction and non fiction. I discuss at conferences and in my newsletter the importance of reading at home. I offer a tailored list of books by Lexile level which you can find here to create or have parents create Lexile & Quantile Hub . I talk about finding books at yard sales, and thrift shops during scholastic book season. Due to my schools demographics. Homework upon my research has not been shown to be beneficial until 4th grade. Before that it’s about parents reinforcing skills at home. In our early primary grades the skills that kiddos need reinforced at home are rarely academic. Encourage reading together time, come up with family games to give out at conferences or at break times. I do simple dice games and buy dice at the dollar store, I give the instructions and the dice out at winter break. This is what our littles need, connections not homework.

@Elysem86 wow, I really love that! :grinning: And I totally agree, kids do need connections. How have your parents responded to your homework policy? I’m thinking that many parents would be thrilled to hear that you put more of an emphasis on togetherness and reading, but I’m sure you have some that may push back. Is your principal on board?

I am a parent to a first grader. When she was in kindergarten last year, I really wished she wouldn’t get homework. After school children need to unwind and reconnect with their family or even with their imagination. Sometimes we would skip the homework and just go outside for play.

My feelings on homework are that it should only be a very simple review of what was done at school and the kids should be able to do it all on their own. I’m ok with reading practice at home or maybe one simple worksheet, just to start building skills of time management and responsibility. Anything that I as a parent need to be involved in, should not be given as homework.

Yes, kids need the outdoor time and sadly it’s missing. :cry: I found this article that’s pretty interesting