Holiday Gitters

With Christmas approaching Im trying to prep myself because growing up the holidays felt so magical but now they feel overwhelming and exhausting. I feel responsible for creating the feelings that I felt as a kid. The past few years its felt like a letdown, the kids don’t love ALL their presents, they don’t like the food, we’re balancing all the family members who want to celebrate and have their “moments” with the kids…any advice?

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I’m new to creating my own holiday traditions as my guy is still little. However, a few years ago my parents started celebrating Christmas right after Thanksgiving with us so that our side of the family was all together. We agreed on only stocking type fun gifts and then my mom had activities for us to do together. This was the first year we weren’t able to do it but I hope we can get back to it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is instead of worrying about the other family members, come up with some traditions for your family that feel special. I hope that helps!


I know exactly what you mean @lilakole, the pressure of buying gifts and making your old family happy along with your kids and yourselves is a lot. I realized that our kids don’t really know about all that we go through-they have a great experience no matter what goes on. I think creating small traditions like writing/drawing cards for each other or singing certain songs while opening presents is part of what helps feel the spirit, but the magic is really hard to create. the more pressure we put on ourselves, the less fun we have along with our kids.

here’s a great SNL skit i remember watching that totally sums it all up and hopefully makes you laugh

in my family growing up we always wrote thank you cards to santa which my mom actually kept most of and they’re really fun to look at now. just an idea of something to add in the spirit of christmas

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I’ve always loved that SNL skit, it’s hysterical :joy:

It’s funny that your started this thread because I was just telling my husband tonight that Christmas doesn’t have the same joy for me as it had when I was a kid. I’m not sure if I feel the pressure to make everything super magical and special for my kids, or just the the added weight of everything going on, but I’m a little out of the spirit this year. I really need to find a way to slow it down and remember the reason for the season and not get caught up in all of the commercial hype. Thank you for your honesty, I get it! :heart:

love that you do this with your family. so sweet and meaningful for you

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this skit is hysterical and surprisingly makes me feel a little better. :joy: :joy: :joy:

that’s such a nice tradition. i love that

maybe that’s it-i feel like in all the business of creating the feeling and moments makes the whole season even more commercialized than it felt when i was a kid. i like some of the ideas mentioned here so i need to think about what kind of Christmas makes the most sense for our family.

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