Hitch Crawling

Hi! New pediatric PT. I have a 19mo who has strong hitch crawl and not walking. How do I help correct the hitch crawling? Should I promote a reciprocal crawl before walking?

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Hi there, welcome! I’ll tag some amazing PT’s to get their insight, but I do have some thoughts. Since this child has such a strong asymmetrical crawl, I would wonder about muscle tightness/weakness due to the imbalance. Are bilateral hand skills affected and/or an unresolved torticollis? Another issue to be mindful of is a visual disturbance or inefficient binocular vision. Vision and a skewed perception of midline can also cause asymmetries with crawling. These are just some things to consider. But lets see what others have to say! :slight_smile: @tots-allison @Starfishtherapies @magicmomentstherapy @PT4kidz80 @PTJulie

Hi, here is a video where I talk about it. What to do for the 'Funky' Crawl - YouTube

I agree with @tots-mary that there is often tightness that needs to be addressed.

Side sitting is a great way. Also, using really soft surfaces like crash pads to crawl over. Stairs are a great tool also where you are encouraging a reciprocal pattern.

Hope some of these ideas work! But check out hip and trunk tightness.

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Hi Tess
You came to the right place !
Both Allison (@tots-allison) and Stacy (@Starfishtherapies ) are right!!!
Trunk elongation exercises to both sides are super helpful in a hitched crawl situation.
TMR (total motion release) works really well
Maybe you can find a PT who is trained in it?
But basic premise is you go to the easier side first. Example sidesitting as Stacy suggested to the side the hitch first then switch . So a left hitch Would sidesit on right hip on right extended arm playing with toy in left hand on floor for 5 mins then switch same activity in the other side sitting. Try kneel walking pushing a diaper box etc
Then watch them crawl
Let me know how it goes