Hiring a Nanny

I am heading back into the office soon after working from home for over a year due to covid and I’m planning on hiring a nanny to stay with my kids. What are some good interview questions for babysitters and what things should I be thinking about when looking for the right fit?

My biggest piece of advice is that it has to feel right. If you feel like you need a nanny cam on at all times because you’re not sure you’ll trust the person, then its likely not a good fit. (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a camera on in case, but its more about the worried feeling that you would need to have it to feel safe).

Also, if you do meet someone you like, have them come for a full day so the person can see everything that would be expected and you can sense if your kids take well to her. If you need to guide her through each step, likely not a good fit.

One other thing-if you call references and hear the person say something like, “yeah, she was so great with babies”, ask about how the nanny was at the toddler stage. Often references don’t want to speak badly, but if you ask further you might get more info. Ive learned that good with babies can sometimes mean likes to sit on the couch and isn’t great at chasing after or playing with toddlers.

Good luck!

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@andifrank made some great points. Having the potential nanny come for a day is really a very good idea. then she knows what the job is really like and you get to see her in action.

Also, its important to hire someone you feel comfortable giving directions to and not someone who intimidates you. You want the person helping you raise your children the way you want, not the other way around

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First of all, hugs and best wishes to you as you make this transition! I know it’s going to be so hard but you’re amazing and so strong!!

I love the previous suggestion about having her come for a day so not only she can see what the job entails, but also so you can see how her dynamics are with the children and if she seems like a good fit for your family. It can also help to prepare your children since this will be a transition for them as well!

Questions to ask (trying to think what I would ask)

-previous experience and ages worked with, how many kids under their care at a given time
-how do they do/view discipline (ie: logical consequences? Timeouts? Redirection?) see if it aligns with what you’re comfortable with.
-are they comfortable with a nanny cam (if they say no, this might be a flag…but that’s just my opinion haha)
-why do they want to be a nanny (vs any other child care type of job)
-how will they handle certain scenarios (ie: what would to do if my child has a high fever, when the siblings are fighting how would you handle it, etc)
-are they cpr and first aid certified (and if so, is it an active certification or did it expire?) I only ask this because it’s required for my job at work and we get renewed every two years which helps to refresh our memory since it’s crucial knowledge in childcare

Those are a few but I’ll come back to post if I can think of more!! Best of luck to you! :heart: Hope you find someone who fits perfect well with your family and can love your children and be a big part of their lives!

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