Hip/foot alignment

At what age would you start looking at hip alignment? I have a 7 month old who’s left foot I think is more turned out than her right? She’s starting to stand up which is how I’m noticing it! I don’t know if that’s normal for this age, or if I should look into a chiropractor or my pediatrician?

Hi! I would definitely keep an eye on it but with early standing you will often see feet turned out. They have a little more stability this way. You can place the foot in neutral if you would like. Does she pull up leading with one side more? Try to encourage equal use of both legs. Also as she starts cruising make sure she is cruising equally to both sides!

Also, do you notice anything different between the sides in other positions? Or any preference to one side or the other?

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It’s hard to give a specific age, but often babies’ leg alignment will improve as they start standing, cruising and walking. And as @Starfishtherapies said, it’s normal for babies to have their feet turned out early on to help
with balance. However, we do like to see symmetry so thats something to watch.

I also would ask the same questions about side preferences- does she prefer moving towards one direction more than the other? If you’ve noticed a preference throughout her development, then check in with a pediatric PT

If you’re just noticing asymmetry with the foot, then I would watch to see if there’s any improvement in the next 4/5 months, and if you’re still concerned, then see a pediatric PT to help improve alignment through lots of weight bearing exercises in proper alignment

Here are two posts I did on foot alignment:

This one is for when she’s a bit older and cruising along furniture:

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thank you so much for your insight! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for side preferences. And I saw the first post you did about about alignment a few days ago, which is what made me want to reach out, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and information!!


I am definitely going to keep an eye out to see if she favors one or the other, thank you for responding this is very helpful!