Hi everyone, so happy I found this forum!

I’m so excited I found this group because I’m a new mom to a sweet baby girl, but I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed. I also have so many questions. I’m hoping this group grows, because I need a tribe :grimacing:

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@girlmom Welcome, we’re so happy you’re here! Congratulations on your new baby girl. I just posted on instagram last night about how amazing a new baby is and how you may be feeling many different feelings all at once: joy, exhaustion, love etc. I can related that when I had my daughter, although so happy, was very overwhelmed. We hope that we can support you on your journey! How old is your baby?

Thanks, my husband and I are very tired but very excited :slight_smile: She’s only 3 weeks old and she’s still a little confused between her days and nights. I do have a question about tummy time though. Is this something I could start with her now?

@girlmom Yes, you can begin tummy time even in the newborn stage! One of my favorite ways to get in some tummy time with a little one your daughter’s age is on your own chest. You can lay in a semi-reclined position and put her right on your chest. She’ll feel the rhythmic rise and fall of your chest and she knows your smell, so even though this can be a challenging position for her, she will feel the comfort from you. You can also put her on a soft blanket on the floor and observe how she moves. She’s most likely still in a somewhat flexed position from her time in the womb, but she should be able to lift her head for moments at a time and turn her head from cheek to cheek. As she gets stronger, she’ll be able to tolerate time on her belly (prone position) for longer amounts of time. Prioritize this free movement, it’s so important for strength, sensory development, and overall brain organization. You got this, momma! :heart: Let us know how we can help!

Here’s a video that you may find interesting! :blush:

hey @girlmom! I had asked my pediatrician about days and nights being mixed up. not sure it’s still an issue for you, but my dr. told me to wake my baby for feedings during the day to create a schedule that way he would get used to being awake more during daytime. Hopefully you have already settled into a routine.

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This is so helpful, thanks!

Thanks! She’s getting a little better, but I do like those suggestions. This mommas tired, so I have to figure something out. :slight_smile: