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Help with crawling

Hey guys! So my 6 month old will be 7 on the 25th of this month sits all on her own rolls from tummy to back but will not roll to her tummy, she hates tummy time and I’m afraid this will affect her to crawl since she doesn’t spend time on her tummy. If I roll her to her tummy she instantly rolls back. I don’t know what to do. Her pediatrician said she will be fine she will walk but I’m not worried about the walking I’m worried about her not crawling. Please help. Thanks in advance. :heart:

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Is she able to get into sitting on her own? And does she get out of sitting? Does she have something she really likes? A really engaging toy? You can roll into tummy time so she gets to that item, stay for a very short time and roll back out. Make it a game of rolling back in and out. You can also try using a ball for tummy time and roll forward and back while looking at mirror or something engaging.

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@Starfishtherapies Hi thanks for responding. She is not able to get into a sitting position alone but she is able to get out of it on her own. She usually gets on her side and is back on her back. She does have a toy she loves. Are you talking about like a yoga ball the big ones?

It’s so difficult when babies roll out of the positions we want them to be in! I would suggest trying to have your baby lie on your chest as you recline so that she is on her tummy but getting some social interaction time. This can much more tolerable for babies.

Also, at times when she rolls to her back, keep rolling her onto her tummy. It’s ok if she keeps rolling back again, but if you consistently keep rolling her onto her tummy (in both direction toward her right and left sides) she’ll feel what it’s like to roll onto her tummy and get more used to that motion.

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@tots-allison I will give this a try! Thank you so much. :heart:

Amazing! And of course, you can still give her playing time on her back, but find those minutes in the day to practice rolling back to her tummy. We want to balance the practice with her feeling happy and enjoying floortime play

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Yes, I was talking about a yoga ball!