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Head twitch/spasm

My daughter has been tilting her head to one side, almost like a twitch/spasm. Our pediatrician and chiropractor ruled out seizures & don’t believe it’s neuro related. Our chiro mentioned inflammation in spine & said it should resolve over time. She’ll be 11 months soon & she’s been doing this for a couple of months now. She’s meeting all milestones but something just doesn’t seem right. I keep googling & of course the worst things pop up. Has anybody else experienced this with their baby ?

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Hi there, @Briannag, welcome!

I would have more questions for the chiropractor regarding the inflammation? What does he or she feel the cause of that would be?

In general, I always tell parents to trust their guts and if you feel that something doesn’t seem right and you’re not satisfied with the professional responses so far, I would take it a step further. A pediatric neurologist may be the next best step.

Sending you so many positive thoughts. Please keep us updated!