Head control 10 weeks

Hey! Im an OT CHT so peds isnt really my area of expertise. My daughter is 10 weeks. She is able to pick her head up when in prone but when i sit her up her head flops forward… is this normal? And what can I do to improve on this? Thanks

Hey @Mollie_Sherman!

Congats on your new baby! At 10 weeks she’s still pretty young to have full head control. Unless you are noticing a head tilt (torticollis), or you sense her muscles are low tone, she may just need to continue exercising them through practice. Her head size may also contribute it it’s on the larger side.

I would recommend continuing with tummy time throughout the day. If you have a therapy ball, you can also place her in prone (on her tummy) on the ball and rock her forwards and backwards/side to side to engage more of the extensor muscles in different positions.

Here’s a post from our Instagram account using a peanut ball:

I agree with @tots-allison. Congrats! Are you working on pull to sit? I have an old post on it (plus some highlights on my instagram page). Also, when you are sitting with her where are you holding her for support? The higher up you hold her the more head control she will have whereas lower is harder. I also have this blog post on head control. Hopefully some of these are helpful! I know your little one is almost 3 months but we do have a great purposeful play ebook for 0-3 months if you want to check it out. Don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions!

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Congrats on your little one! Allison and Starfishtherapies are right, it’s still a little young for full head control.

Keep working on tummy time as that will strengthen the neck, back and shoulder muscles required to stabilize her head. Try some sidelying play too to give her a break from extension but also strengthen in flexion as she’s looking for toys and or starting to bat at things wiht her hands.

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Hope that helps!