Head and eye twitches

I am not sure what category my question is for. I have noticed for the last week that my 26 month old has started to have a head twitch/turn to the side and eye blinking when we read together, he is concentrating hard and focusing, playing in the computer with me, or watching T.V. He does it to both sides and even forward … always to towards the person reading to him or where I am sitting next to him or in front of him. He is very lucid and able to point out what he sees on the page and letters and images. Doctor ruled out seizures and suggested we have an eye exam done. Has anyone seen this behavior and have an ideas?

good that your doctor ruled out seizures. did s/h recommend going to see an eye dr? could be dry eyes, trouble visually focusing…definitely something to check into!

is he getting enough sleep? I haven’t had this with my children, but when I wasn’t getting enough sleep when my kids were babies, I actually started also excessively blinking. I went to the dr and got drops which helped for dry eyes, but when I started sleeping better I noticed it went away

welcome to our community! Im glad to hear your pediatrician ruled out seizures. an eye exam is absolutely a good next step to make sure your son’s vision is normal and his eye muscles are ok. If nothing comes up there, seeing a developmental optometrist could be helpful-they usually look more at how the eyes visually function and work together. But starting with an ophthalmologist (an MD) is probably you’re next best bet. Keep us posted!

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one of my babies had a droopy eyelid very early on and my friends said they couldn’t see it-even my mom thought I was seeing things, but I went with my gut and saw a pediatric ophthalmologist who said I was 100% right to come because its a sign of something very serious. fortunately it turned out to be nothing, but go with your gut and get it checked out if you think there’s something going on there

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I recommend the ophthalmologist as well. We went that route with my little guy (for different reasons) and it was relatively easy (even during COVID). It’s worth it to find out if there is reason to worry or not!