Having a baby in 2020

Hi everyone… I decided to put this out there because I’ve been struggling. I had my daughter in February 2020. Before she was born, I had all of these visions of joining mommy and me groups and meeting other first time moms. But because of this horrible pandemic, those are no longer options. My parents are older too, so we haven’t been able to visit with them since the middle of March. Are there any other new mommas that have also been feeling this way?

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:raising_hand_woman:t2: When I found out in January I was having my first child I was ecstatic! As the the year dragged on, my husband couldn’t attend ultra sounds, my baby shower wasn’t the one I had envisioned (still great though!), and wearing masks in the hospital during labor was terrible! Now my daughter is 12 weeks old and I’m nervous to bring her places because I don’t want her getting sick. Being a new mom in this pandemic has definitely taken its toll on all of us! I have been finding communities on Facebook and Instagram trying to at least connect with new moms so I’m not completely isolated. The amazing thing I’ve learned through all of this, is that being a mom makes you stronger than ever without even realizing it. :heartpulse:

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Hey definitely not alone!

I had my son in June so not only missed out on all the mummy groups but EVERYTHING planned was cancelled. Baby shower? Didn’t have one at all. Was going to have a Sip & See instead but nope that didn’t happen either, obviously. It’s been so hard and very isolating raising a newborn in this pandemic times. Lately I’ve been trying to focus instead on the positives it has brought (my husband has been working from home so it’s nice to have him around when my son has a rough day, we have taken way more walks than we likely would have, etc). But even still every so often I sort of just sit and let myself sulk about the loss of the time I thought I’d have. It’s a grieving process.

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Thank you @PattiRo and @CmamaRoss! I think i feel guilty because I have a healthy daughter and I should be thrilled to have all of this quality time with her, but I guess I’m just missing out on the social aspect of being a new mom. I’m thankful for groups like this that give me the chance to connect with other moms, but it’s still hard. And I agree, being a mom is hard, but it has made me stronger!! I’ve also found that when I get outside with her for walks, I feel a whole lot better!

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Yes the outside bit is so important! I’m very nervous about the cold weather and mental health but making it a goal to get out everyday even if only for a few minutes.

Yes! Getting outside is key for us! We make it a family affair and me, my husband, baby and our dogs go walking in the park. Gets us fresh air and quality conversation time!

Hi there! I had my baby in March and I definitely have all those same emotions. The only people who have been around my baby have been family and close friends. Some extended family still haven’t met him yet and he’ll be 10 months soon😩 But we do what we can and Facetime those friends and family until we can safely meet. I wish I had better things to say but you are definitely not alone!

We’ve been face timing, too. Its just so nice to know that I’m not the only new mom feeling this way, thank you!

Out of curiosity, have your husbands felt the same way as you? My husband doesn’t seem to understand and he thinks I should be so happy that we had all of this quality time together this past year. In full honesty, I’m a lot more social than he is! :grimacing:

Definitely not my husband. He is a Police Officer so he’s been at work all through the pregnancy and most of the time after baby (he got three weeks after the birth off and two weeks again in Nov). But even when he is off and watches her, his best friend lives three houses down (stay at home dad with a 9 &3 y/o) so he goes over there a lot. That almost makes it feel more isolating for me because I don’t have friends that have been quarentined and live so close. And then sometimes my husband doesn’t always understand when I tell him my feelings about all this.

My husband definitely feels bad about the situation. He always encourages me to reach out to friends or people I haven’t talked to in a while who have kids who I can ask questions or just talk kids with. It’s still not the same as getting together with moms with kids the same age or just going through similar things like going through this pandemic as a new mom.

It took me 10 years to have a baby. My daughter was born in June 2019. I enjoyed maternity leave with her and looked forward to summer vacation (I am a teacher) to do all of the mommy things I had always wanted to do. Instead we were stuck at home with no where to go. I just continually try to be thankful for all of the extra time I have with her to just hang, play, and be silly together without having to go anywhere.

It’s so hard. And with young babies/toddlers, I know I felt the need to get out-even walking around the mall or scheduling one music class a week made things so much easier, but I’m sure it’s so hard now with endless hours at home.