Handwriting is too Light

My 6 year old son with Down Syndrome is able to write letters and numbers. When he uses a crayon or pencil, the marks are still light. There is still a lack of pressure. Any tips or advice on how to make my child write with more pressure?

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Let’s see if some OTs can help out with some suggestions for this.

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Sometimes weighted grippers help.
Or you can try printing on carbon paper so they have to push hard to get results.
Sometimes kids need more feedback through their hands so I will have them print on paper laid on top of sandpaper or crafting screen.
Proprioception and strength activities may be something to talk to an OT about as well (stress ball squeezes, therapy puddy, weight-bearing through hands- animal walks or chair push-ups!

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Hi there! When kids press too lightly, I like to increase the sensory feedback to the hand. You can try placing the paper over sand paper or another textured surface to increase the tactile feedback to the hand, which may provide more awareness to give more pressure.

For school age kids, I’ve also used Carbon pencils, which give a dark black line without a lot of pressure. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the advice!