Hand Awareness

Are there any tricks/tips to help my baby become aware of her hands and begin reaching for things? I touch her hands to give her sensory input and hold objects near her and model holding things as I narrate. She’s 3mo. I don’t have any developmental concerns but am curious how else I might be able to support this growth. Thank you!

Great question!! Babies usually start purposely swatting and reaching for objects around 4 months, so you have a bit of time but it’s always a great idea to build awareness and provide opportunities.

One recommendation is to hold toys in front of baby’s eyes, not by the hands. Visually stimulation will motivate baby to want to touch.

Also-we are hosting an infant massage workshop very soon which helps build an incredible amount of body awareness through touch if you’re interested!

Babies on the Move is another on of our courses on what to expect the entire first year and all types of play is ideas to support each milestone