Goodbye Paci

Any tips on saying goodbye to avery much loved paci?

We put them in a large envelope, decorated the package and sent them to all the new babies. We even drove to the post office with it so that they were really gone. My daughter had a few minutes where she forgot where they were and asked for them, but then I reminded her and the moment passed. The biggest thing was that I waited till I felt strong enough. Once I did, I knew it was time


One day we were driving somewhere and we lost the only pacifier I had with me and that was it, I never gave it back. sometimes those moments just come up

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First and foremost don’t rush! Make sure your child is on an emotional level where they can understand that they will be ok without the pacifier. The worst thing to do, would be to take it away and then give it back later.
For us, it’s at least a six month discussion. We choose an age - for my eldest it was 3.5 and for the next two boys (respectively), on their third birthday. So for about six months before their birthday - we are all about the hype! They are going to be 3 - big boys! Big boys need to use their words and having a pacifier in their mouth doesn’t help with that! Big boys can fall asleep on their own and use different techniques to calm down if they get upset.
*We learned from experience that from about 1.5/2- it’s good to make a change and already start limiting the pacifier to nap and nighttime.
As for the actual send off - there are so many creative ways. We have “Pacifier Tree” in our neighborhood, where the kids tie their pacifiers on the branches with special, colorful string. We can always go back and visit (but that’s never happened!) With my daughter, we were visit family in Canada and the whole trip (3 weeks) we’re taking about how we were going to leave the pacifier in Canada - and we did!
It’s all about preparation! Good luck!


Really cute idea! thank you

that’s amazing-this way you didn’t have a build up, it just happened

Thank you for telling me not to rush-I feel so much pressure from family and even some friends that my 2 year old still has a pacifier. I think I’m going to wait a bit and (try to) stay strong. Love that your community has a tree-thats adorable. :purple_heart:

I agree with no rushing! 2 is still very young. I know some parents try and limit it to the crib or carseat so that their toddlers aren’t walking around with it. You can try that since a 2 year old likely understands that and sometimes out of sight, out of mind so if the paci isn’t around for them to see, they won’t ask for it as much

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that’s a good idea-ill try that. thank you