Going up/down steps

My little one is just starting to get interested in going up/down steps and I’m terrified.
What’s the best way to start ?
Going up or going down ?
Do I need to put padding at the bottom of the steps ?

How much should I hold her versus letting her try on her own ?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out! I know it can be scary but that’s why you are there to help. It’s actually great for them to learn this and you can work on it away from the stairs as well. Here is a playlist for you. Stairs - YouTube
Working on going up is easier but you can work on going down whenever they are on the couch or bed or any elevated height! Let me know if you have questions and you’ve got this!!!

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This is such a common worry for so many parents!

Practicing crawling over couch cushions can help your baby learn how to motor plan the sequence of climbing stairs-but many babies do pick it up quite naturally and all of sudden you find them at the top of the stairs.

A good thought to have is “hover don’t cover” stay close to your baby, but try to stay hands-off so your baby can figure out the sequence independently

Going down often does have to be taught-how to turn around and safely go backwards. A good way to practice this is practicing turning around to get off the couch.

Check out this post to see how


Hope this is helpful!