Getting my kids to eat more vegetables

HI everyone!! I really need to get my kids to eat more vegetables. What is everyone’s thoughts on those protein/nutritional shakes like Orgain and Amazing Grass for Kids. I’ve seen them at whole foods and I’m intrigued. Thoughts???

Hi there! I think greens powders make great additions to boost nutritional value of meals for children, especially for those who are picky eaters and not getting too much variety in their diet as far as fruits and vegetables go. I am actually really fond of the Amazing grass brand and they have some flavors I believe (like chocolate) that kiddos find more palatable!

Ashley Thurn, MS, OTR/L

@Helpinghandsot Ok, so maybe I’ll check out that brand, thank you!!! Do you have any smoothie recipes that you absolutely love, aside from the powders? And by the way, I love your blog! :grinning:

Of course! Here is one of our favorites around here! But there’s a smoothies tab on my website with lots more.

Thank you!! -Ashley

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That looks delicious!! I’ve actually never bought papaya before. Thanks so much for this and I’m going to check out more on your website like you suggested!!