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Gearing up for remote learning

Hey everyone! Over here in NJ, many schools are starting remote learning beginning tomorrow. I have to admit, I’m a little overwhelmed to take this task on. Allison and I will be sharing some tips and tricks over on our IG/Facebook stories, but we’ll also be sharing info here on our community! In order to support each other in this process, I created this thread so we can all share posts, online resources, websites, and other information that may be useful as we try to navigate this unique time. It truly takes a village :heart: #remotelearning

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Hi, I just created a blog post with a round up of my blogs and I tried to separate them by age and activity. Hopefully it can be helpful for families to refer to if they are looking for ideas. It’s not meant to be overwhelming at all but something you can refer to! I have also found some resources with free online things that I will share.
Here is my activity round up post: Activity Round Up
Here are some other resources:
Big List of 100 Free Education Websites & Companies Offering Free Lesson Plans Kids Activities Blog
Learn at Home | Scholastic | Parents

Hopefully these are helpful!


Wow, love your activity round up post and how you coded it based on the age and developmental level of the child. Love it!

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Here are some websites that can be useful - you can organize the games by grade and it includes some math and reading options here you’ll find lots of printables. You can also search by both grade and skill

Here’s a resource for online books! Storyline Online - Library you’ll get to search for resources by grade and skill and you’ll be able to download some worksheets for free (up to a certain number without paying for a subscription) :blush: Cosmic Kids Yoga

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Hey! I’m home with my 3yo and I’ll be posting some fun in door and outdoor activities! Thought I’d share!

Here are some for fine motor fun!


We created a few more posts for ideas of things to do at home with kids whether for PE, recess, or a brain break!
Kids Activities with 4 Everyday Items you Have at Home
Home School Activity Breaks

Hope these are helpful!