Floor seats

What are your opinions regarding floor seats. Do they aid or delay child’s ability to sit up? At what age are they appropriate if so? And when is the child too old? Do you recommend any in particular to purchase?

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This is such a great question that so mani parents have!!

So firstly, floor seats do not help baby learn independent sitting. It helps prop them up so they don’t need to engage their muscles needed for sitting up on their own.

The best way for babies to learn to sit is by being on the floor-lots of tummy time, rolling all over, playing with their toes while lying on their backs-all this movement helps a baby build the ab and back muscles needed for sitting.

That being said, they can be useful in some situations-when baby has reflux and needs to be upright or if your baby is fussy and prefers being upright.

If you do use them, I would advise making sure baby still gets lots of time on the floor to work those muscles!! :relaxed:

There’s an account on IG- milestones.and.motherhood who just did a whole story segment on this topic going through all different types and why they’re good/not good that I think you’ll find super helpful.

Here’s the link for the highlight


Agree with @tots-allison. Floor seats are a convenience for parents and don’t aid sitting development. Here are some other options depending on how well your child does. These options allow them to work their muscles while giving a little assist!

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