Flat head in 4 mos old

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Other than eliminating use of bouncy seat completely what other things can be used to counter a flat head? 4 mos old gets lots of tummy and mat time, kicks his feet, sleeps on back, naps 4 times a day, sleeps through the night from 7:30- 7:00 am… He does like the Bjorn bouncer which is used a few times a day for less than 10 min… Tried putting a bolster (rolled muslin) behind his neck when in bouncer but it was uncomfortable for him. Noticing that back of head seems to be flat. Thanks for any advice

Having him in other positions such as side lying in addition to tummy time can help. It changes where the pressures are on the skull. At this age it also might be worth getting a cranial scan (often they are free) so you know what the baseline is.

@Starfishtherapies makes a great suggestion for playing in sidelying- sometimes in order to change the shape of the head, pressure has to be placed through a different area of the head. Since a baby won’t be able to put pressure through the front part of the head, sidelying is a good position for this.

Limiting containers as much as possible is really the optimal way to handle it-which it sounds like you are doing already.

You can ask your pediatrician if a helmet is warranted, though often with mild flatness on the back of the head, they don’t recommend.

Just know that sometimes flat spots are unavoidable, especially if the baby is a very still sleeper and doesn’t turn his head a lot at night. Once rolling happens, it can improve on its own since baby will roll over at night and during the day to alleviate that pressure.

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Thx so much for your helpful and quick responses. We have eliminated bouncer and have started playtime on his side. Some of his shorter naps are now in Ergobaby so that he is not flat on his back. He is a pretty still sleeper so your comment makes sense. This group has been a wealth of information. We are constantly following it and have implemented many of the suggestions. Tysm!

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I’m so glad this is helpful for you!! Keep us posted on the progress