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First time mom and really worried :/


I am a first time mom and my field of work has been in dev. delays and autism, so I’m very heightened to this. My daughter is 81/2 months and has excellent eye contact, lots of social smiles and responds to her name but is extremely quiet… she coos and blows raspberries here and there but does not babble and I’m super worried :confused: she also isn’t crawling yet… we’ve gone to a speech therapist but they can’t do much with her being so young. She also loves the tags of toys… she’ll play with the whole toy too. Am i just being paranoid? I guess my biggest worry is the not babbling…
I’ll also say she eats well and has great fine motor skills & is very observant to everything around her.

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Thank you for reaching out. I will let some of the speech therapists address your concerns about the babbling. In terms of her not crawling I would ask what other things is she doing. Does she get in and out of sitting? Is she rolling all over? Is she pivoting on her belly or pulling forward? Basically is she transitioning in and out of positions?
That’s great that she eats well and has excellent fine motor skills!

These are great follow up questions!

She pivots of her tummy for a full 360, she pushes up into a plank position, and has started putting one knee down. She sits unassisted and grabs toys while on her belly

Those are all great! Is she able to get in and out of sitting on her own or do you have to place her there? It sounds like the other skills are on track and as @tots-allison mentioned in her response in the other thread crawling may not happen until 9-9.5 months.

She can’t get in and out of sitting yet… any tips on how to help w that?

Here is a youtube playlist with ideas for that as well! Where are you located? It might be worth having a PT do a quick look at her to see if they can give you some tips. Most states have early intervention programs that are free or low cost to the parents.

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