Feeling so guilty

I feel terrible. I totally lost it at bedtime tonight. It was a really hard day (thank you daylight savings time!!!) and I really yelled at my toddler. What do I do??? Apologize? She’s only 2, I’m not sure shell get it. I just feel like the worst mom.

Please, kind advice only please :pray:


mama, youre human! we all have those moments-I for sure do. just offer lots of love-she knows you love her and no parent is perfect every minute of every day. give yourself a break :two_hearts:


This was me yesterday too! Maybe it was a DST thing lol. Apologizing is always a good thing to model so a quick “I always love you and I’m sorry for yelling at you” should suffice. Kids are super resilient and just want to feel loved. The fact that you care tells a lot about the kind of mom you are