Feeding issues/aversion

I have a 6 month old son who is a NICU graduate. We are seeing an OT for feeding therapy for an aversion. He only eats when he sleeps. We see one that is from the hospital system and one that is private pay. The private pay one has us doing a little more in terms of stretches with mouth due to lip tie, music and massage. That will only last me so far as finances go. Do you have any posts that are feeding related, like mouth stretches or really anything that may help us with baby feeding problems?

We are also in PT for torticollis.

Good morning! I’m sorry to hear about the feeding aversions. These can be such a challenge! If finances are tight, I suggest finding a speech (feeding) therapist or OT trainer in lip and tongue ties to get the most bang for your buck! Check out www.ankyloglossiabosyworkers.com For practitioners near you!
Also check out @milkmatterspt for some exercises that can help- things like face massage can really help relax the muscles of the face and make your little one feel better. Good luck!!

As a PT, I actually treated a baby who had a tongue/lip tie and tightness throughout her body (I initially started with her due to tightness in her lower body). As we stretched her hips, legs, arms, and neck, the muscles in her mouth loosened as well and she started drooling more when drinking a bottle and nursing. Since every part of the body is connected, each part affects another. As the PT is working on stretches for torticollis, it could be affecting your baby’s mouth muscles. I would ask the therapists you work with about stretching throughout the body. You can also ask them about kinesio taping under the chin to help provide some stability to the mouth muscles, which is what I did with great success.

We will try find a speech therapist with some helpful stretching tips specifically for the mouth.

I also found this video on :youtube: that will hopefully be helpful for you with some hacks to help with eating times.

Sorry to hear about all of your feeding difficulty! I work as an SLP doing NICU follow-up. It is very common for babes that have spent some time in the NICU to have feeding aversion. My best advice would be to find they WHY behind the aversion. Reflux, difficulty breathing, pain, etc. I would recommend starting solids and pushing positive experiences with solids, since you have a new opportunity with foods. Be sure to explore foods and get messy. No pressure. I have an Instagram page @Playingatyourplate where I offer feeding tips and would be happy to talk more if you want to message me. Best of luck!