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Fearless toddler

My toddler is 19 months and is absolutely fearless. I’m constantly nervous that she’ll get hurt because she doesn’t seem to have any idea that things are dangerous. She climbs on everything, jumps off anything… Any tips?

This is so hard, but so normal at this age. Try making sure your house is as toddler proof as you can make it-gates by the stairs and possibly in the kitchen if she climbs by the stove, pad corners of furniture, place things she likes to play with low to the floor so she doesn’t have to climb for them. this way if you can’t watch her every second, you know that she’s safe in your own house. You can also try setting up an area that’s designating for jumping and crashing with big pillows and cushions so any time you see her climbing in other places in the house, redirect her there so she learns that that’s the best place for her to play like that.

Avoid big playgrounds. There are so many openings at the top of the jungle gyms that it can make you crazy. Open grassy areas are awesome for toddlers to run in, go for walks down the block or do smaller outdoor activities like picking flowers, collecting leaves, picking up small sticks and putting them in a bucket. Toddlers love those activities and they’re simple and less overwhelming for you

Here is a podcast I did recently about risky play (‎More than Child's Play: Why Climbing Up The Slide Matters: a PT’s tips on safety awareness, balance, and motor learning with Stacy Menz PT, DPT, PCS on Apple Podcasts)
There are ways to introduce safety awareness by giving your little ones opportunities for risk in a more controlled environment and then expanding it to larger environments. Let me know if you have more questions!

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