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Favorite Trader Joe finds!

Is there anyone else who LOVES Trader Joe’s? :raising_hand_woman: I would love to know what you’re favorite healthy snacks and quick and easy meals are from Trader Joes!

We Like It, We Like It Elote!!

BBQ Corn or Popcorn with the “Everything but the Elote” is our go to summer snack!

Who’s with me??? :heart:


@TonyL I have that seasoning, I just didn’t know what to do with it! :joy: Is there anything else besides the corn and popcorn that you use it on? I already love the Everything but the Bagel seasoning!

Ok, their watermelon fruit spread and cinnamon bread spread are freakin amazing!

That sounds amazing!!! Something I usually buy is the frozen turkey bolognese sauce. My kids love it on pasta and it’s a great way to sneak in the extra protein! I also buy the frozen turkey burgers. They stay surprisingly juicy, even on the grille!

I miss Trader Joe’s! I can’t manage the lines with an infant right now but for me I always get their chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches! They got me through pregnancy! And their orange chicken. Their frozen brown rice is a life saver and so are their individual servings of greek yogurt!

I know trader joes has such a strong following, but I totally don’t get it! I don’t have one close by so I went only once, but so many people I know are obsessed! Do they really have so many exclusive items you can’t get elsewhere?

Yes! They have their own products!

I need to go back and really check it out. Though I’m actually nervous to become addicted to another store :joy:

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Wow! I’m a super Trader Joe’s fan! A few items my kids love are the mini frozen pizzas, vegetable fried rice, and the frozen macaroni and cheese. I also think their prices are really good for things like olive oil, coconut oil, and other condiments. Oh, and their coffee is delicious! I’m excited just thinking about my morning cup!