Favoring one arm to reach

Hello! My babe is almost 4 months old and just in the last few weeks has begun reaching out to grasp toys! While this new milestone is very exciting, I notice he largely favors using his right arm to accomplish this task. He still uses his right arm/hand, but mostly for sucking on his fingers. He’ll does easily grasp a toy that I place in that hand, can bring both hands to midline and will play with hands intertwined together. Should I be worried? Are there things I can do to help him use his right arm more? So far I have tries placing toys on his right side, and will also sometimes gently hold down the left arm when presenting a toy in midline (this sometimes works but not often). Any guidance is appreciated!!

Hi, it’s not uncommon for a baby to use one side a little more when they develop a new skill. Its great that he is still using the other side as well and can do midline! I would just make sure you are presenting toys on both sides and maybe giving the less preferred side a few more opportunities!