Falls - am I helicoptering? Should I let her?

Question, my daughter (7m) hates sitting and TT, but she loves to stand / walk while hands held, what advice do you have for falls. I try to surround her with pillows, we have hardwood and I try to keep her on the rugs. She sometimes can pull her self up from sit via our circular coffee table, but because of the round shape she often falls promptly unless I place her there standing first. she falls while sitting too. She cries so much so I don’t let her struggle too long (1 min maybe?) I’m still too scared to let her fail :weary: (still force TT/sitting as much as I can)

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I’m so glad you bumped this up so we can help you!!

A few thoughts- it sounds like your baby likes to move a lot, but I’m wondering why she’s falling so much in sitting. Has she mastered this skills yet? If not, it’s really important to build up sitting skills before expecting good balance in standing.

If your baby is pulling to stand and enjoying it, it’s very difficult to prevent. Babies just have their own minds, right?

There are many inexpensive rugs out there. If you can get one for your play space it will help cushion her falls and also help give some traction for better balance than the wood floors.

When she’s playing in standing, try supporting her at her hips so she’s working her core, but getting support from you to build balance skills

Hope this is helpful :relaxed:

Thanks @tots-allison

She gets angry while seated and tenses her body to fall back. If she’s occupied enough she sits like a pro but her main goal is always to be standing.

I have rugs, I wasn’t sure if they’re enough for my anxiety lol and in her playroom I have the padded mats you can connect like a huge puzzle I bought from Buy Buy Baby (I attached 3 pictures of the places she plays at now)

I guess I’m doing everything “right” I’m just so anxious about her falling I think I must be overly protective. She definitely accomplished more with Papa who was more hands off with her until she hit her head and got a black eye while we were moving hitting the modem that was out while we were packing😩

I totally understand the anxiety-it’s hard watching your baby get hurt.

I’m just wondering why she’s tending when sitting. You say she sits well when she’s playing? Is she reaching in all directions and then sitting back up straight?

We need to make sure her core is strong enough to support her in both sitting and standing.

She can reach in all directions, she can attempt to crawl but favors bending her right leg in then it gets stuck under her left knee. She just starts crying for me to pick her up and if I don’t she just “tantrums” backwards. If . “Not watching” she do

es the most crawling/sitting/tummy stuff she’ll do, if I’m beside her she always reaches for me vs trying on her own.

Not sure what happened when I added the photos :woman_shrugging: that right foot always wants to go under her hip when she switches to table top and she tries to grabs in us to walk her way to standing vs trying to craw PXL_20220124_184721893|375x500

Let’s see if we can get some more opinions here!

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More pics sitting and crying, and that right foot that likes to be under her hips when she’s trying to crawl. She crawls like mountain climbs also. That’s her favorite move then tears come that I didn’t help her stand up right

This is what she does! Saw this on IG and this is the exact pose she prefers and always with her right foot in.


Of course today she’s achieved her crawling milestones and stand to butt sit. My answer to my own question: relax! Lol

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Amazing!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: