Extremely clumsy 3-year-old

My daughter turns three in two weeks. The poor thing is incredibly clumsy, she trips and falls and bonks her head literally dozens of times a day. I don’t know how to help, suggestions?

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Has she ever been evaluated by a physical therapist? Has she reached all her developmental milestones on time?

There are many factors that can contribute to clumsiness and falling including decreased body awareness, low tone, foot/leg alignment, weak muscles, visual difficulties and more.

I wish I could help more specifically, but because there are so many possible reasons WHY clumsiness can happen, it’s really important for a local professional to take a look and see the source of the reason. Once you know the why, the activities to treat the symptoms will be much more specific for her.

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I agree with @tots-allison. A PT evaluation can help find the reason for this and provide great support. Once you have an idea of the underlying reason there are so many resources and ideas for activities available!

Not sure where you live, but since your daughter is turning 3, she’s aging out of the early intervention bracket (0-3). In my state, the school system will do evaluations if a child’s delayed development will impact school skills-and falling all the time sounds like something that would affect school performance. Have you considered calling your local school district to find out what they can offer?

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I agree with all of the recommendations and to see if a PT evaluation would be helpful. Has your daughter ever had a visual exam by an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist? I agree with @tots-allison that it would be worth it to check that out too! Keep us updated!