Encouraging Hands and knees crawling

Hi :wave:t2: I was wondering if you had anyone had any tips for me. My 8 month old (turned 8 months yesterday) is very strong and fast at army crawling but I am trying to encourage hands and knees crawling.He is very good with playing on his knees with support, sitting on his own and rocking back and forth on my leg. Any suggestions

One good way to do it is to have ‘obstacles’ throughout the house or the area where they play and roam. It’s a bit harder to belly crawl over cushions or your legs or other things. Also small things for them to crawl up onto like luggage. If you have stairs also having them work on crawling up stairs.

Let me know if you have questions!
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Hello @BFierman. Pediatric PT here. I love the idea od crawling over obstacles, it definitely helps them push up on hands and knees. For some kiddos, it could be that they are still working on strengthening and coordination their hips/tummy/shoulder muscles altogether to move forward. If he’s already rocking on hands/knees, crawling isn’t too far behind. Here are some activities that can help. Let me know if you have questions!

Crawling suggestions