Encouraging a love for art!

Hi! I saw your post today on encouraging preschoolers to draw. My almost 3.5 year old son is really not into art. He never has been - he sits for a minute draws a scribble and goes right back to his vehicles. I’ve tried incorporating vehicle stickers and using cars with paint…Any tips on creating an environment where he might enjoy drawing?

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My son is the exact same way. It’s really ok for a toddler/preschooler to not be interested in art-the key really is focusing on building hand strength before worrying about writing letters and numbers with pencils.

In these early years, lots of movement and gross motor play is a big priority -so climbing, jumping, crawling, swinging are all just as, if not more, important than art at your sons age.

Playing with play doh, putty, kinetic sand, or other similar mediums, offer lots of the same strengthening benefits for the hands and that’s what’s most important in the toddler/preschool stage.

Some other art ideas you can try are “painting” with water outside on the driveway or sidewalk, chalk, or shaving cream in the bath.

I hope this helps!

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Hey! What about sculpting? It’s just like drawing, but better) and has the same benefits! have you tried to sculpting things together with your kid?

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It’s okay if he’s not interested in art! (: some toddlers just don’t like to sit too long and are more active in their interests/play and that’s completely normal and fine! (I’m not a professional, just speaking from experience as currently working as a toddler teacher for 7 years!). You can still offer art experiences like play dough and sculpting as mentioned above. You can also print out coloring pages of vehicles, or give him different cut out shapes and offer him a gluestick and ask him to build his own car with the shapes. I’ve also seen process art where he can dip his car in paint and roll them onto the paper to make lines and tracks. (You can extend this activity by having him “wash the cars” with tear-free soap, water and sponges!). I’ve seen that the toddlers who aren’t as interested in art in the beginning, do come around to it eventually. And some kids who are really interested and engaged in art have days when they don’t want to at all! So don’t be discouraged (:

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