Early Sitting - 6 months

Hey !! My son just started sitting but he sits all the way hunched over . I should also mention that I put him in this position he doesn’t get into it himself. I was wondering if it’s bad for .
him to sit like that ??

Thanks in advance !!

Hey @Fischmanrebecca!

This a great question because many parents probably see this and have the same thoughts.

From your photo it looks like your baby needs a pretty wide base of support to maintain his balance and because his core and back extensor muscles aren’t super strong yet, he ends up leaning forward.

This is not dangerous, but I would still encourage plenty of tummy time to help him strengthen those back extensor muscles needed for better posture and as he rolls around on the floor in both directions, he will be strengthening his core.

You can also try placing a boppy pillow in front of him to give him a surface to hold onto and support himself with.

If you sit behind him you can try something like this:

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I would agree with @tots-allison. It looks like he needs more trunk extension work. You can also do some play in kneeling at a small bench or toy and also side sitting at a toy. I love toys that you can play with in multiple positions such as an activity cube or an activity table (where you can take the legs off). How is his tummy time and pushing up onto arms? Is he reaching? Is he rolling?
Here is another way to work on extensor strength

In this blog post I also have many links for working on sitting and getting into sitting and using side sitting. Developmental Milestones Round-up.
Here is a post about using the boppy to sit https://www.instagram.com/p/B87Ei4ahdey/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Let me know if you have more questions! Your little one is super cute!

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Very interesting, thank you! Do you all like the bumbo seats to practice sitting?

I don’t. I think the Bumbo puts them in a not great pelvic position. If you need to use a seat you can use the Fisher Price Sit me up, the up seat, or the newer bumbo with the tray but I still don’t love seats for teaching sitting because they aren’t able to learn the weight shifting through the hips that needs to happen to maintain balance. This blog gives some other ideas Tips and Tricks for Independent Sitting
And this infant tub I discovered accidentally that it can be a great tool for helping sitting! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-QcbRVhNEE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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Hope these ideas help!


Thank you!!! Out of curiosity, why do you prefer the Fischer Price seat vs the bumbo seat?

The original Bumbo puts them in a posterior pelvic tilt whereas the sit me up allows a more anterior pelvic tilt. It also allows more movement to work on weight shifting for independent balance.

I love the Fischer price seat! It’s a great one

Hi, great question and the ladies above have given great info already.

No, it’s not dangerous. This is just the first stage in the progression of sitting, yahoo!

If you want to see some videos, I just did a whole week on sitting and play ideas to progress sitting skills on our Instagram account. @_sproutandthrive Check the sitting highlight and also our blog post on sitting at www.sproutandthrive.com

Have a great day!


love this article! really helpful :blush:

I’m so glad it was helpful!!