Dragging Leg

My 12 month old dragged her leg when learning to crawl then abruptly stopped. When she was 10-11ish months she dragged her leg behind her when using a push cart. She abruptly stopped this week. She is learning to walk but right now can only scoot along furniture or use the push cart. Should I be worried about the leg dragging?

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When you say abruptly stopped do you mean she started to use it the same as the other leg? If so, this can be typical when they are first learning a new skill. They are figuring out how to make their body work and navigate coordinated movement. We often say that in the first month to two after a little one starts walking you may see some asymmetries but they should resolve. Hope this helps!

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Yes she started using it like the other one.

Thanks for the response. I’ll keep watching but not stress too much.


Great and don’t hesitate to reach back out!