Downward dog?

My 7 month old is trying to master crawling but gets so frustrated then cries. She’s now trying to get up on her feet, like downward dog pose haha. Is there anything I can do to help whilst she’s doing this? Or does it indicate a new milestone or an issue? Many thanks!

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More background: she’s been rocking on all 4s for about a month, scoots by pushing her knees forward at the same time, goes backwards and has just started getting in and out of the crawl position from sitting. She moves her arms/hands to crawl but will lose balance and fall. She really wants to go but doesn’t seem able to yet and then gets in the DD position. Just looking it ways to help her because she gets really upset, she’s quite a sensitive baby anyway hah

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Much of what you’re describing sounds quite typical. She’s able to tolerate and rock in all 4’s, which is one of the prerequisites to crawling. In the beginning, babies are just trying to figure out a motor plan so parents will often see planking, downward dog, and pushing backward before babies advance forward. It appears that she’s on the right track and with time, she will figure it out!

You could also try to place a motivating toy in front of her in order to encourage her to advance for ward with her arms while stabilizing at her hips. Here’s a post we did on this topic. Let us know how she does!

My girl does this too! Only her feet just keep sliding out underneath here. Following!

Definitely try the technique in the above video to facilitate moving with flexed hips.

Also- try playing in a kneeling position to help strengthen the hips and core in that flexed position.

Thank you, I’ve been trying kneeling today and she’ll tolerate it for a couple minutes. Does the downward dog signify some weakness?

No not in itself. As @tots-mary said, babies do this often as they practice coordinating their upper and lower bodies. However, if you’re not seeing progress, then using other positional play strategies to build up strength can help move things along

Okay thank you! We’re doing lots of practice! Hopefully see some improvements soon

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Looks amazing!

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2 weeks later, after doing strengthening exercises we have a crawler!! Thank your for your help :relaxed::relaxed:

Although now she keeps trying to eat the cat food which is fun :joy:


Sadly my 2.5 year old still tries to eat the cats food! Congrats on the crawling!!!

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Amazing!!! So glad all the tips here were helpful

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Yay!! So happy the tips were helpful! She’s on her way! :slight_smile: