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Does my child have a sensory processing disorder?

My daughter hates the seams in her socks and will only wear them when I turn them inside-out. Does this mean she has a Sensory Processing Disorder?

@Momto2 Hey Natialie! Not necessarily. A lot of children have various sensory sensitivities, tactile or otherwise, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a processing disorder. A question to ask yourself is “how much is it affecting her day to day functioning?” Meaning, are there other areas where you see extreme tactile aversions and over responsiveness i.e. not going barefoot, picky eating, or a strong dislike for bathtime to name a few? If her preference is mostly concentrated in one area, and she’s able to function with some minor compromise, then most likely it’s fine.

Here’s a post we did on IG regarding tactile defensiveness

Completely agree with @tots-mary. We all process sensory and tactile input differently. It makes us all unique and special! The main thing to think about is if the preferences we have are interfering with everyday functioning. And also the intensity of the reactions. For example if your child is able to somehow communicate they don’t like the seam in the sock and you turn it inside out they are able to move on with their day I would say that’s fine. On the other hand if they have an intense meltdown and are not able to recover even after the “problem” is resolved than that is something that clearly is making everyday functioning a challenge. Hope this helps! There are some brilliant ladies on here. You will get some wonderful answers!


Thank you @tots-mary and @Alinclusivetherapy. This made me feel a whole lot better! She doesn’t seem to have any other areas where she is showing these reactions. And you’re right, once I compromise and fix her socks, she’s fine. Thank you :blush: