Difficulty with Playdates

My 5 yo is totally awkward on playdates!!! :woman_facepalming: When we arrive at a playdate, she immediately takes off her shoes and runs into the house without barely even saying hello and when I pick her up, I hear she’s asked for tons of snacks and she basically throws a tantrum and doesn’t want to leave. I don’t want her to be the kid no one wants to have over! HELP!

@tara_clark that’s a tough one because I agree with you, I don’t want my kid to be “that kids.” :grimacing: I think I would start off my going over a social story with your child both at home and in the car on the way over to the friend’s house. Explain to her that when you walk into someones home, the polite thing to do is greet him/her. Then, I would quiz her… " When we walk into Julie’s home, what are you first going to say to Julie’s mom?" I would do some of this same rehearsing when it comes to snacks. If you repeat these social stories over and over, sooner or later, they should stick :slight_smile:

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:100: agree. Great advice. Social stories. And have her practice at hime with you or other siblings.


yes, practice at home! :slight_smile: