Diastasis recti in 14mo

Hi! my daughter is 14mo, and I just found out she has diastasis recti- I noticed it a while ago but her chiro confirmed it yesterday. I haven’t done anything cause I read it resolves itself in newborns, but She’s been walking since 11mo and is wildly active, but now we’re noticed her left foot is turned out really far and she can’t sit up without rolling to the side and has some serious doming when she tries to sit up. I can’t find any info on it for older babies- is it normal? Is it urgent PT need? I’m just looking for some direction on who to consult or if I should be worried! just hoping for some information and direction!

I will be honest I am not an expert on this but everything I have heard says it will resolve on its own. I believe you can also do resisted rolling to help. And its not unusual for kids at that age to still need to roll to the side to sit up! I hope this helps. If you need visuals for resisted rolling I show it a little bit in this video on w-sitting


I would recommend a physical therapy evaluation, it usually does close on its own by two years old so don’t stress! I usually recommend treatment if the DR is affecting quality of movement or posture (has high lordosis/arch in low back). It is really hard to tell without lying hands and eyes on a patient if it is affecting them functionally or not. The wide base of support with legs more turned out can be normal for a new walker but it should narrow as she progresses in walking. In the mean time you can work on lots of core activities like crawling obstacle courses over pillows and couch cushions, climbing, pushing/pulling weighted objects are some ideas. I always say an evaluation never hurts! If their is an indication for a little jump start and strengthening with PT, starting early is always best! And if no therapy indicated you will still get some age appropriate info and tips. Hope that helps!

Kelsey Baas,PT, DPT