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Delayed crawling

Hello! Fellow OT here, looking for some collaboration on my son (8.5 mo old) who doesn’t like being in 4 point positioning and hasn’t started crawling. However, he will be on his tummy with upper extremities extended (weight bearing) for a significant period of time and can spin 360 multiple times with reciprocal UE pattern. He also prefers to be sitting or wants to walk everywhere with hands held. He will tall kneel at stairs/pillows, etc. but when I position him in 4 pt he usually falls forward onto his face as if his arms give out (STNR?). As an OT and first time mom I probably am putting more pressure on myself for him to hit these milestones but also know how important crawling is for development! Thanks so much for sharing all the content you do!

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I’m not a physical professional but my son does the same and goes to PT/OT monthly. Yes, the four point is preferred and we too are doing exercises for it daily, but I was informed simply crawling in any form (including worm or army) by 9 months is what is desired. Four point can come after, ideally shortly after, but they still have time!

When we do our four point exercises I have to physically hold his hips together the entire time or else he will flop downward. Best way so far for me to do this is using a couch cushion for his upper half to rest on and play with toys and then I hold his hips and gently rock him back while doing four point. Using a ball under the belly also helps!

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Hi @Hil_wil, welcome!!

@CmamaRoss is right! Using a couch cushion to provide a slight incline for the shoulders/arms can help get some beneficial weight bearing through the hips and lower extremities.

Another position I like to try with babies is weight bearing over my thigh (a natural bolster :wink:). My thigh gives support to the trunk to help with weight bearing through the shoulders and hips.

Also, once babies get strong in prone extension, which it sounds like your son is, they will usually push back onto their lower extremities. As they’re pushing up and back, I’ll support at the hips and guide babies back into the four point position.

Keep us updated!

Thank you! I have been doing something similar and it seems to get a little bit better/easier for him every day.

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Yes! He will push himself backwards with legs extended but not into flexed legs yet.

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@Hil_wil Any update on your son’s ability to maintain quadruped? :slight_smile:

Hi! He still is avoiding quadruped most of the time. When a pillow is placed under his stomach or he is placed over my leg, he just pushes back or rolls to get out of the position. He pushes back onto his knees similar to child’s pose to scoot backwards. He also goes from sitting to hands and knees by reaching forward until his hands are on my crossed legs when he wants me to hold him after we’ve been playing on the floor. However his knees usually slide out behind him so he is just flat on his stomach. So the positioning is very momentary.

Have you worked on Side sitting? Also here is a play list on crawling with a few videos on helping with hands and knees.

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Thank you! I tried side sitting with him and he was definitely tight on one side so we will keep working on that. He is able to talk kneel on elevated surfaces for a minute or more at a time and will push the box forward but then doesn’t initiate leg movements- so I assist with that to avoid falling/face planting.

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