Crib help/ head bumping/banging

Not sure if I grouped this is the right category. My 8 month old has been having crib issues since about 4/5months. While waiting for an EEG appointment to rule out seizures, I’m looking for suggestions for anything I can do to counter my son hitting his head against the crib. He seems to scoot to the top of the crib (I guess for comfort?) and he’ll hit his head on the crib. I know bumpers aren’t safe, I’m just not sure what to do!

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That is stressful. Aside from the interrupted sleep, you don’t want him to hurt himself. Is he hitting it hard? Do you feel like he’s doing it to fall asleep, almost like a way of self-soothing? I’m going to tag some fantastic sleep consultants to see if they have helped any other mommas through this. Hang in there :two_hearts:
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This sounds like a sensory thing. I would see if you could talk to an occupational therapist

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My son is having the same problem since he was around the same age, now almost 17 months. We were told by the pediatrician it is a self soothing behavior and kids outgrow it. We have gotten so fed up though. It was recommended through speaking with friends and a sleep consultant to be seen by OT for a sensory evaluation to see if that could help eliminate the behavior which we are currently undergoing. I wish we had started the processes earlier. Good luck!

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First I’m sure you’re both scared and frustrated. Second reach out to the pediatrician to let them know this is occurring. If you’re in the states also consider reaching out for an evaluation.

Do you have any information about whether they head bang in the middle of the night? Do they do any head banging or falling backwards (or forwards) at other times in other environments?

Start writing down when it happens and how long it’s lasting.

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Hey there! Mary Grace from The Cradle Coach here - we are a team of certified sleep consultants that serve families all over the world :slight_smile: I know this is so frustrating and hurts your mama heart. It is important to speak with your pediatrician. Still, this is, as many have mentioned, most commonly a soothing technique many babies use to fall asleep. While there isn’t much you can do, I love these Wonder Bumpers that are a safe alternative to bumpers and super soft! Hopefully this will help you. Please reach out on Instagram (@thecradlecoach) or by emailing if you’d like to chat!

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He’s hitting his head quite hard. At his 6 month appointment I mentioned it to his pediatrician and he said it was normal/self soothing. About 2 weeks ago (7.5 months) he had a little cough so I took him in for a Covid test and mentioned it again and that when I pick him up or offer bottle he still doesn’t soothe. Ped said likely night arousal/ night terrors.

The next day, I was holding him for a nap, he woke up in the middle of it crying, I rocked him a little bit and he stared up at the ceiling, didn’t blink for maybe 3 minutes until I grazed my finger on his forehead and he closed his eyes. I thought it was strange but didn’t call pediatrician.

About 5 days later I had him sitting on the floor right next to me while I adjusted his car seat headrest and he went falling forward into a wooden hutch. I didn’t see if he reached and it happened or what, but it was a really really loud bang. I took him to the children’s ER, they didn’t do any actual tests just observed him and little focus tests /non equipment tests. When I called the ped 2 days later to follow up I mentioned the nap/staring incident and that’s when he sent referral for EEG.

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Yes that’s exactly what my son’s pediatrician said also. Son has recently started biting me pretty hard. Couple weeks ago it was my ear cartilage area, ended up going for an antibiotic it hurt so badly still after a week. I wonder if I should wait for this neurologist appt in a couple weeks before asking ped about OT referral