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Creeping to Crawing Development

My about to turn 9 month old baby boy is great at rolling, sitting and loves tummy time. He spends a lot of time on the floor and is rarely in a container when in the house. For almost 2 months he has been creeping (very quickly!) rather than crawling. I feel he does have the strength and ability to four point crawl properly. He easily lifts his bum and goes onto his knees to come up to sitting from lying, and he can also easily climb over any obstacles in a four point crawl (including my legs) when he’s creeping, but then he seems to prefer to creep along rather than a 4 point crawl. I just keep trying to practice with him and have been lifting his torso up when he’s crawling to encourage him to come up on his knees and I’m trying to put things in the way for him to climb over (even just my leg!) to get to something. Is it normal for them to do a creep for a while before preferring to do a proper four point crawl?

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Hi! That’s great that he is doing so well! For kids like this it sounds like you are already on the right track. Make lots of obstacles for him to crawl over. If you can do it have pillows and other obstacles in all areas he may move around so he has to spend more time on his hands and knees. Also crawling up stairs is a great way. You can also play in kneeling at a support surface and have him push it or you can pull it. Another trick has been to have a toy (or a snack) on a small stool and as he gets on hands and knees to reach for it keep slowly moving it forward. Because he is so good at crawling on his belly he needs to realize that hands and knees is more efficient and that just takes practice. Here are some resources as well!

Keep us posted!

@Starfishtherapies basically covered every suggestion I would offer-you’re doing so much already, that the few extra tips Stacy (@Starfishtherapies) is suggesting might help your baby get the rest of the way.

Major kudos for being so on top of this!!

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