Creating a Core Vocabulary For Your Early Talker

These tips and tricks will help you guide and build language for your infant/toddler aged 9-18 months. Use a combination of baby signs, speech sounds, and full words to help your baby’s language skills grow!!

Hi! These are great tips-do you have a link for videos of what the sign language for these words are? I’m sure that would be so helpful to parents!

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this is great! I heard that sign language helps with language development. Why is that?

I have a video of these on my Instagram @speechwithjwo but I can post a direct video here as well

can you post the direct link? that would be so helpful!

hope this works !

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Sign language gives babies words to use before they are “physically” able to make words. Introducing signs early on helps to ensure that your babies have a voice before becoming frustrated.

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