Crawling or not?

Hiiii been following for a while and love your content. My 7mo is not crawling he’s moving and pushing himself with his hands feet and belly but not crawling, any advice? Recommendations? Thank you

Hi :wave: Yael ,
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I’m Jennifer, a pediatric physical therapist with a clinical specialist certification and spend most of my time working with babies your baby’s age.
AND I LOVE CRAWLING… so I’m so glad you are concerned!
It’s great to be concerned and keep watching the development progression but 7 months is a tad young to crawl it may happen closer to 9-10 months!
There are so many things a baby must do to crawl first:
:fleur_de_lis:Get up into all fours from tummy
:fleur_de_lis: rock back n forth in all fours (put in some fun music and demonstrate)
:fleur_de_lis:Reach with one hand then the other so shifting their upper body weight while holding themselves up with only one arm. Start low on floor then progress to shoulder height and remember to alternate
:fleur_de_lis:Can get them to push a diaper box around on their knees using both hands. Therapist call this position modified quadruped and it’s easier than advancing all 4 limbs in flat horizontal

These are just starter tips! There are so many more tips on tots on targets Instagram and mine!
Checkout @magicmomentstherapy highlights and individual crawling posts. Here is one sample of getting in and out of crawling. Doing this to both sides stretches necessary trunk muscles needed to have a symmetrical crawl

Let me know if this was helpful!

Jennifer Aguillard PT PCS


This is all such good information @magicmomentstherapy

@Yael keep us updated on your little ones progress!

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He’s crawling!!! He started mid 7 months and he’s been doing so so great. I guess I was so worried because my oldest who is now 2yo8mo was crawling and going up the steps at 6mo!!! I know he was early but I guess I was still confused as to why baby G was getting on all fours and not crawling. Thank you for the tips and suggestions. Love following you :slight_smile:

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Yay! Thank you for sharing. We love hearing about progress. Great job mom!