Crawling - how to get baby from going backwards to going forwards

Hi! My a little over 9 month old pushes up on his arms and robbs backwards on his belly. Any tipps on how to get him on all four and move forward? Thank you in advance!

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Hey there, thanks so much for this question! When babies are learning a new motor plan they often will do some funky positions ie downward dog, planking etc. Sometimes they will also move backward before they move forward. How long has he been moving backward? Is he up on all 4’s yet?

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I like to have them ‘push’ a small toy. Here is a video of the idea: More on Crawling - YouTube (around the 5 minute mark)

Here is one with just working on a modified hands and knees: Encouraging Hands and Knees (Quadruped) - Modified - YouTube

Hope these ideas help!

Thank you for your reply. He just started going backwards and is rarely on all 4. I guess I will focus on that first.

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Thank you for your reply and the ideas. I will try these!

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Let us know how it goes!

No crawling yet but he is now able to transition from his belly into sitting and getting on all 4 on the process. So I think he is on the right path.

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Yay! That’s exciting and yes it is progress in the right direction!

Now he moves forward in sitting. Not quite sure how to get him to move on all 4, but I will keep practicing putting him in that position when he starts moving.