Crawling Help

I have been watching your reels and tips for crawling as my daughter (just turned 7mths) is an inchworm crawler. She bends both knees up at the same time, then pushes off from them and pulls with both arms. She has been doing this since a few weeks after she turned 5mths, but has only just started to progress from the plank type thingy to doing the rock backwards and forwards on all fours.

She seems to flop from hips first, her arms are able to support her at the front, but am I a bit early in starting to worry about her crawling style? I’m worried that because she can satisfy her need to get what she wants - she isn’t going to crawl correctly. I have been putting obstacles in her way so she has to crawl over things - but she still inchworms after she has made her way over the obstacle, and we have been doing kneelong olay and sideways play. I’m an early years specialist teacher so I know how important it is, but also and trying not to get to “teacher-ish” (which is hard when I have soent most of my adult life observing children and making mental notes of where they are and what they need next!)

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Hi there, welcome! Most babies crawl between 7-10 months and the fact that you’ve noticed that she’s getting into the 4 point position to rock is a really good thing! Babies need to first build stability and strength in the muscles surrounding in their hips and shoulders first before they’ll be able to move forward. I would encourage play in that 4 point position to build endurance. It sounds like you’re on the right track! I’m sure she’ll get there soon!