Crawling / floor play

My son is 5 months old and sometimes he gets super frustrated while playing on the floor like he wants to crawl. Is there anything I should do to help him or?

Hi! I think it’s great that he wants to move. I definitely have a few questions. Is he rolling? If not, I would work on that because that’s often the first way they move. I also have several highlights on my instagram about helping with army crawling and regular crawling. You can also work on pivoting (highlight is prone pivot) which give them some ability to move. Also, I have a lot of resources in my developmental milestones round up which have video links as well and can help you help your little one! If you are looking for more step by step instructions check out our gross motor programs which are self paced or you can get a virtual check in with a PT to help you trouble shoot and guide you through the skill each week. Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions!

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@Starfishtherapies does have some amazing resources, you should definitely check them out! Also, if he’s not rolling yet or just beginning, check out the podcast we did with @Starfishtherapies

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Yes he’s rolling both tummy to back and back to tummy. And he tries to scoot himself towards things /toys. He no longer wants me to help him get the toys (within reason)

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That’s great that he is rolling. Just keep giving him lots of opportunity for floor play and have motivating things slightly out of reach and he will continue to try to get to them. A little struggle is ok as they are figuring it out! I would still recommend checking out the highlights and blog posts for ideas! Also our gross motor programs are always a resource too!

Hi, floor play will lead to crawling. For some tips and tricks check out our Instagram highlights @_sproutandthrive. We also have lots of play ideas to encourage crawling on our website at

Happy to help more if you still have questions after poking around there. :green_heart: