Crawling correction

How do we correct scooting to true hand and knee crawling
Baby gets on the correct position
But once she starts to move
She’ll change it

Hi there, welcome!

There are so many variables here! Babies will usually crawl anywhere from 7-9 months. Becoming an efficient crawler takes time, so at first, some babies will get into the 4 point position and then drop to their bellies when they begin to move. Stability in the 4 point position has to be gained first before a baby can crawl on all fours. In the meantime, time spent in the quadruped position can really help to strengthen the hips and shoulders in preparation for crawling.

Check out the way I’m supporting this baby in the first frame of this reel :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for posting! When you say scooting do you mean they are dropping onto their belly to crawl or they are sitting and scooting? I’m attaching our developmental milestone round up which has a lot of ideas divided by milestone. I’m also including our Crawling Playlist from YouTube and our 6 week crawling guide! Hopefully some of these help!