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Crawling and sitting

Hi ! My son is 6.5mo. He can sit unaided and can go from tummy time to sitting. So, he will be on tummy and then get into crawling position but instead will bend his leg and pushes back so he sits instead. I’ve seen him on all fours rocking back and forth sometimes and do the occasional plank. How can I get him to crawl. He seems so confident flipping himself over and sitting all by myself but can’t crawl?

Also, harder to keep him in tummy time because he just sits up :sob:

When babies learn to sit up, it is common for them to come out of a tummy time position. But laying your baby down on the floor is a good go-to position to get even small amounts of time.

In terms of crawling, that skill usually comes in between 7-9 months. You can encourage playing on all fours, playing in a kneeling position, and moving toys just out of reach to strengthen the muscles and motivate some movement into a crawling position.

But if your baby isn’t ready for crawling just yet, that’s ok, it may take a bit of time to get there.

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