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What do you recommend doing if we need to take our baby on a long car trip - if baby will be in their carseat for 2 hours or longer while we travel?

This is such a great question! I applaud you for already thinking about this and trying to create a plan! Generally, I recommend that for every hour a child is in a car seat, you give them a 15 minute break. If it is possible for you to get the baby out of the car and on a blanket for some free time play, that is ideal. If it is not possible, try to increase the amount of tummy time done that day by increasing your number of sessions (not the time). Remember, just like one bad meal won’t make you gain weight, one day in a car seat will not give your baby a flat head! It is the prolonged and consistent use that generally causes a problem. Have a fun trip!

I agree with @Giselle_Tadros…if your baby is fast asleep or doing fine on the long car ride, no need to interrupt the trip.

Dieting is a great comparison because one day of healthy eating/lots of tummy time won’t solve anything and one day of less healthy eating/not so much tummy time won’t change anything either.

Making sure there is a good balance and routine on most days is great. Real life happens and you just gotta do the best you can!


How long do I need to be concerned about “containers” and tummy time? Is this something to only really think/worry about in the first few months? What about an 11 month old?

In the first months of life when a baby has poor head and trunk control containers are most concerning. However, an 11 month old that is typically developing, could be doing anything from crawling, pulling to stand, standing alone and maybe even walking. With these new skills, we want to encourage them and let the baby crawl all over the house, cruise furniture , walk etc. (I.e. not use exersaucers, walkers , jumpers) Make their environment safe with gates or a little play “yard” areas that have toys that are age-appropriate, and no dangerous things like open sockets etc. Is ideal. So in summary, this age would be even harder to contain, as their desire to move will be more: making long car rides challenging and “brakes” needed. No pun Intended . :+1::joy::grinning:


Pedipt is Jennifer Aguillard PT, PCS @magicmomentstherapy