Compression clothing?

Do you recommend compression onesies, shirts and so on in case of minor postural issues? Do you think they can do more harm than help? The do think that the child may become dependent? Or that they are not helpful at all? Please let me know what you think. My kiddos is 19 mo and her lefts side of the trunk seems to be a little bit weaker which is causing poor balance and its affecting her walking pattern but nothing crazy.

I don’t think I’ve heard of compression clothing being used to correct postural alignment-they are typically used for children who seek deep pressure for sensory input. Compression clothing would be given consistent pressure throughout all parts and not help with alignment.

If you’re noticing asymmetries, and especially noting decreased balance and coordination, seeing a PT to help advise with some exercises would likely be much more effective than compression clothing. The muscles need to get stronger to support the body and perform movements more functionally and fluidly

We see PT 5 days a week for over a year and a little bit less frequent since my girl was 3 mo. I also do the same exercises with her all day long. We see little progress. That’s why I am looking for other options. No matter how hard we try to make her left side of the trunk as strong as the right side so that she stops twisting when running, she still does it and has a very persistent head tilt…

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If you don’t feel like you are seeing progress, you could always seek out, or continue with, another PT.

Also, something to consider is the impact of vision on a head position. If there is a visual misalignment then the perception of midline will be skewed and a child may present with a head tilt. It may be something to investigate with an optometrist.

It’s not a vision issue. It’s pretty evident that it’s either the head affecting the trunk position or vice versa. I already changed too many PTs, I don’t know what else I can do.

Have any of the PTs tried Kinesio tape? It’s really effective in helping align the muscles. Can you mention that to your PT?

And I know you said it’s not a vision issue-has she been checked by a developmental optometrist to officially rule it out?

Has she been checked by neuro?

Where do you live, maybe we can help find professionals local to you to give you more hands on help