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Clumsy child

My son is five and is so clumsy! No matter what he’s doing, he’s tripping and scratching himself up from falling. Day two of school I got a call home from the nurse that he tripped playing tag on the playground and had a fair size abrasion and goose egg on his forehead. What are some things I can do to help with his body awareness and make him less clumsy meaning fewer accidents?

Hi, we had a very clumsy kiddo also…OT found retained primitive reflexes which they are working on reintegrating. We have seen huge improvement in balance and coordination and overall she is much less clumsy now. Working on motor planning is also something that has helped us.


Body awareness is a big part of not being clumsy (so Ive learned)…I have been doing yoga with my kids to work on balance and help them pay attention to where their body parts are. Also games like limbo where they have to be conscious of their bodies is a great one that my PT had suggested and at least its fun.

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Some of the ideas here are great.

  • Yoga is so good for all the reasons @phoebeMC mentioned.

  • You can also try obstacle courses where your son has to move in different positions-under, over, around, through different obstacles.

  • Games like twister, Simon Says, hide and seek, red light green light, and limbo are good ways to practice using the body in different ways and positions.

  • Lots of deep pressure- massage, hugs, rolling up light a burrito in a heaving blanket-these activities can also help bring awareness to the body parts and help the brain recognize where they are in space

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Thank you all so much for the suggestions!

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Check with PT/OT for primitive reflexes. I love follow the leader where you are in front or beside and you move/jump/stand on one foot slowly to work on stability